4 November

first Saturday’s Working Class


[ … libertà dopu à tamantu spaventu ]

We are ready for our 1. intensive Class, let’s give way to the vital musicality of our entire being.
During these intensive encounters of nearly 7 hours we move along a kind of meditation on dance, touching technique, pure genuine research, “madness” on freedom of expression and a profound connection to deep mythology of humankind.

The Classes are open to those who already did some work on any kind of movement: dance, actor’s activity, martial arts or other disciplines.
There is no special technique required. Be simply ready to tap into the body’s energy and into to some unknown parts of you.

when                    Saturday 4 November  h.10.30 – 17.00
where                   sala NUT, via Roggia Scagna 5, MM1 Rovereto, Milano
to participate      347 05 33 121  –  compagnia.nut@gmail.com

image Stefano Del Bianco