overboard Working Class of June


[  Raga  ]

vortical flow and overboard dances.
improvisation through rhythm brought to sequences.

We are coming towards our last two Working Classes on Saturday. As always in about  7 hours we go on a deep journey into our body’s energy. That rising steadily, concentration gets expansion on all levels: physically, mentally and therefore spiritually.

The Classes are open to those who already did some work on any kind of movement: dance, actor’s activity, martial arts or other disciplines.
There is no special technique required. Be simply ready to tap into the body’s energy and into to some unknown parts of you.


when                 Saturday 23 June  h.10.30 – 17.00
where.               sala NUT, via Roggia Scagna 5, MM1 Rovereto, Milano
to participate   347 05 33 121 – compagnia.nut@gmail.com

NEXT and LAST WORKING CLASS  14 JULY,   [ Schwanengesang II ]