14 july

with July our last Working Class, lyric again


[ Schwanengesang II ]

As SCHWANENGESANG in May was a deep beautiful and touching class, and there still remained much physical material to dance, we decided to continue on it. So we finish the cycle warmhearted.

To participate it doesn’t matter if you were present the other time or not.


To remember you… these Working Classes are intensive monthly encounters on Saturday. About nearly 7 hours we go on a deep journey into our body’s energy. Rising steadily, concentration gets expansion on all levels: physically, mentally and therefore spiritually.

The Classes are open to those who already did some work on any kind of movement: dance, actor’s activity, martial arts or other disciplines.
There is no special technique required. Be simply ready to tap into the body’s energy and into to some unknown parts of you.


when                 Saturday 14 July  h.10.30 – 17.00
where.               sala NUT, via Roggia Scagna 5, MM1 Rovereto, Milano
to participate   347 05 33 121 – compagnia.nut@gmail.com

NEXT WORKING CLASS  in autumn 2018, starting in September