blu dolphins world

27 October

intensive WORKING CLASS on theme

h 10.0 – 17.00


swimming in the ocean to reach that dimension we don’t see

The BLU DOLPHINS WORLD – Working Classes refresh intensity and raise up to 7 hours. During these encounters we move along a kind of meditation on contemporary dance, touching technique, pure genuine research, “madness” on freedom of expression and a profound connection to deep mythology of humankind.

The Classes are open to those who already did some work on any kind of movement: dance, actor’s activity, martial arts or other disciplines.
There is no special technique required. Be simply ready to tap into the body’s energy and into to some unknown parts of you.


The Class takes place in a different studio so please look below.
Consequently the schedule is half an hour anticipated.

h.10.00 – 17.00 (extraordinary schedule)

info & enrollment
347 05 33 121

CAM Garibaldi
salone piano terra
Corso Garibaldi 27 – Milano
MM2 Lanza/ tram 12, 27

next WORKING CLASS Saturday 24 November – BLU DOLPHINS WORLD