siren songs

15 December




Second gathering for this beautiful modality of dancing together among the same gender. So let us step again into this delicate yet powerful encounter where we unit the women to work among themselves in a save space.


Class schedule

SIREN SONGS        h. 14.00 – 18.00

the Class is given by Barbara


To participate

The Class is open to everyone, keeping in mind that we will dance. There is no special technique required but be ready to tap into more intimate terrains of yourself as we go little deeper.

Obviously the frequency of this specific Class is of free choice as we ever proposed in our teaching. Nonetheless it would be wonderful to have the whole group through all the 4 lessons as there is a bond between them.

The moment you confirm your participation you will get an email with some more detail.


info & enrollment
347 05 33 121

rehearsal studio
Sala NUT
via Roggia Scagna 5/7 – Milano
MM1 Rovereto

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