Siren songs

15 June



With the month of June we come to the last gathering of this year’s SIREN SONGS cycle, our women only-Class of Contemporary Dancing. A safe space to contain the colorful scale of the female energy in us and its expression.
A more sensual and ondulating mood steps in waiting to be released into movement.

As we are not very used to be that free in our most proper being the Class takes awareful care of the delicate yet powerful button it pushes in our being women.
From our previous encounters we know about the joyful and empowering energy that gets created during the Class, and with which we get bathed.

Class schedule

SIREN SONGS       h. 14.00 – 18.00

the Class is given by Barbara

To participate

The Class is open to everyone, keeping in mind that we will dance. There is no special technique required but be ready to tap into more intimate terrains of yourself as we go little deeper.

Once you confirm your participation you will get an email with some more detail.

info & enrollment
347 05 33 121

rehearsal studio
Sala NUT
via Roggia Scagna 5/7 – Milano
MM1 Rovereto

Summer Intensive in July’s 3 week
info to come