15 June



This is the last encounter of the season among men only..
The search for the solitary hero initiates us to stimulate and unrevel the proper internal Male Principle. A deep personal and yet collective work, what apparently seems a contradiction

The Class is focused on a strong physical work which’s impact pushes, and maybe shifts, the boundaries of intimate certainty. Through that we can fully recognize the value of our own energetic presence and equally the one of the other person..

The  men’s Class is designed  by a warm up made of rythm and a sequence that switches in its dynamic between action and dance. In conclusion a regenerating ritual.

Class schedule

LiITTLE SHIVA LITTLE      h. 10.00 – 14.00

the Class is given by Franco

To participate

The Class is open to everyone, keeping in mind that we will dance. There is no special technique required but be ready to tap into more intimate terrains of yourself as we go little deeper.

Once you confirm your participation you will get an email with some more detail.

info & enrollment
347 05 33 121

rehearsal studio
Sala NUT
via Roggia Scagna 5/7 – Milano
MM1 Rovereto

Summer Intensive in the 2. or 3. week of July
info in elaboraton