into summer

thank you for all
beautiful friends
for growing together 

We go into a summer break now. But before diving into refreshing waters we invite you to a small taste of what will be next year.

TULIP’S TOUCH             Mountains & Valleys | women’s Class
NEW ADAM                    Mountains & Valleys | men’s Class

OCEAN OF GRASS        intensive Working-Class | research & composition

WILD CLASS                 regular Class | Training once a week

ESSENTIAL DROPS      3 day Residential | once or twice the year

Barbara is going through a tough personal and transforming Training which slowly will also drop into her future work, may this be her teaching or other doings to come. 

So therefore in company she will cover the artistic tutorship as the creative part of choreography will be largely explored in the intensive Working-Classes by teaching and in a specific Research Time Space in NUT company.

You can find all our Classes and Practices on our homepage in TRANSMISSION. Also we will send you detailed informations from the end of summer on. If you already want to know more about, so why not contact us directly? We welcome you! We answer! +39 347 05 33 121 Franco |

…. and now into summer flow

Barbara Franco Aurora