after summer clear in dance

Many of you know, when you dance really dance … how alive you feel!
The energy in our body boosts, the channels in us open, our inner being awakens,  and once “in there” creativity for life itself starts to overflow.

Many of you know also that since time our research is not for dance only and itself but that we try to go for something more complete. We can call that a spiritual path as being fully present in the body embodies that mystic reality. 

So maybe who is reading for the first time about us and our activities, may you not be too astonished. Nonetheless our work on dance covers a range from the most basic idea about health reaching out through creativity to complex artistic compositions. 

Already curious and happy to be with you we introduce you to what we want to offer this year.
Very different Classes will give you the possibility either to train yourself weekly, to go into deep research and compositions, or to enter into the femminine and into the masculine energies separately. 
On our homepage you will find all our Classes and Practices under TRANSMISSION. 

Here below we give you a glimpse into them. May you be inspired by their titles.

WILD CLASS                     regular CLASS | Training once a week

OCEAN OF GRASS          intensive WORKING-CLASS | research & composition

TULIP’S TOUCH               MOUNTAINS & VALLEYS | Women’s Class

NEW ADAM                      MOUNTAINS & VALLEYS | Men’s Class

YOGA                                YOGA practice | open to everyone

TURTLE RED                    ESSENTIAL DROPS | 3 days retreat

We start then with three opening Classes
10 September      men & women Class
11 September            Partnering Class
12 September  Training & Composition
h 19.30 – 22.30

For the occasion we have been invited to collaboration by Corriere della Sera e La27esimaOra at the festa-festival “Il Tempo delle Donne”.

Info & enrollment
+39 347 05 33 121

rehearsal room
Via Roggia Scagna 5 – MI
MM1 Rovereto