Italy 2018, 4′ 48”

Reinhold Pratschner & compagnia NUT

work in progress



BODY CONCERT about who we are

Italy 2017, 16′ 07”

Motion Talk towards a new path

“Concert”? … the coming together of a lot of vibrations in a harmonious way.
A lot of vibrations is every single one of us.
Concert, we move together

choreography  Barbara Geiger
with  Aurora Bassi, Barbara Geiger, Franco Reffo, Lorenzo De Simone, Luca Liberatore, Lucia Messina, Marina Burdinskaya, Massimo Carniti, Paolo Mazzanti
music  Jòhann Jòhannsson, Kangding Ray
videotakes & editing  Stefano del Bianco



SLEEP fragments

Italy 2016, 15′ 56”


… where we all start to dance along

SLEEP is a journey crossing the lands of the soul, a composition born from an evolution of a key fragment of the previous production, YES!.

choreography  Barbara Geiger
with  Claudia Gambino, Barbara Geiger, Paolo Mazzanti, Edoardo Mozzanega
sound  Max Richter
videotake  Laura Bianco
videoedit  Enza Scarangella




Italy 2014, 2′ 37”

by Zoran Tomic




Italy 2014, 13′


In front, the slender man in the blue cloak –
mute, impatient, looking straight ahead.
In large, greedy, unchewed bites his walk
devoured the path. – R.M. Rilke

choreography  Barbara Geiger, Franco Reffo
video direction and photography  Giuseppe Baresi
with  Alessio Calciolari, Barbara Geiger, Lorenzo Piccolo, Franco Reffo
and the appearance of  Domenico Cicchetti, Claudia Gambino, Edoardo Mozzanega, Laura Sferch
2. unit  Carlo Cattadori
editing  Giuseppe Baresi, Valentina Andreoli
sound  Alberto Mompellio, Matteo Grisoni
costumes  Stefania Barreca
assistant  Paolo Mazzanti
production  Associazione Culturale NUT

with the friendly support of Österreichisches Kulturforum Mailand




Italy 2013, 6′ 40″


Bodies in relation.
Real, rough, but not violent.
A quartet of contemporary wanderers.

GARDEN rests its gaze in the depths of a mirror, launching the soul where the eye no longer sees. An inner path towards a different way of being, of thinking and acting.
A pièce made of concentric paths, where moments of meditation alternate with the constant, dynamic flow. The circular structure both of the dramaturgy and of the composition, creates so parallel worlds which from occasionally find sudden and fleeting points of contact.

choreography  Barbara Geiger Franco Reffo
with  Alessio Calciolari Barbara Geiger Lorenzo Piccolo Franco Reffo
lighting design  Domenico Chicchetti
costumes  Stefania Barreca
sound arrangement  Alberto Mompellio
videotakes & editing  Maurizio Lega




SHORT FILM – Italy 2011, 9’ 06’’


Extracts from LACRIME ANTICHE (Ancient Tears).

directed by  Stefano De Ponti
choreography and dancers  Barbara Geiger and Franco Reffo
original music  Stefano De Ponti and Eleonora Pellegrini
lighting  Domenico Cicchetti
steadycam  Mattia Costa




VIDEOTRAILER – Italy 2011, 2’ 09’’


directed by  Stefano De Ponti
choreography and dancers  Barbara Geiger and Franco Reffo
music  Stefano De Ponti
lighting  Domenico Cicchetti
steadycam  Mattia Costa




SHORT FILM – Italy 2009, 12’


A breathless race through an empty winterly Venice. Marcello meets a Magdalena of our time. Dream and reality get confused in the eternal encounters between man and woman.

Official selections 2009
XVI Sguardi Altrove Film Festival Milano, FrameWorks Film Dance Festival Brooklyn/New York, Bochum Film Festival/Germania, Il Coreografo Elettronico Napoli, Wallpaper Dance Trieste, IX Dance the Camera Durham/North Carolina, ShortFilmFestival Bergamo

direction, camera, editing  Stefano De Ponti
choreography and dancers  Barbara Geiger and Franco Reffo
music  Passo Uno, Kronos Quartett, Astrud Gilberto
production  NectarStudio, NUT