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Contemporary Dancing & Partnering



beginning 21 settember and 4 november

Our Classes
Tuesday   9.00 – 10.15      YOGA TRAINING COMPANY open to externs
Thursday 11.00 – 13.00    WILD CLASS
Thursday 20.00 – 22.00   WILD CLASS
Saturday. 10.30 – 17.00     WORKING CLASS monthly


SPRINGE! at YGeneration
9 -14 October 2017, Trento


12 hours laboratory with open demonstration to the public for students aged 14 to 18

We introduce a contemporary work on dance which focuses on Partnering.
The effort on giving attention to the other while being together and on stimulating a real and sensitive listening among each other is motivated by what appears as a today’s agonizing individualization.

We move through a creative process, and on the way to a personal expression we relate to a kind of theme: Humanity and Nature, a visionary yet actual glimpse upon that connection.
The research for the physical material is therefore directed from the very beginning towards a certain color of expression.


SPRINGE, which means Jump is not to be understood as merely physical jump. It’s that spiritual leap, that real awakening we have to tap in, step by step, jumping into the void.



We work 12 hours together and conclude with a performance open to the public of the point we have arrived at. A “dynamic STILL FRAME” of a working process.
While working together with the students we create a situation of live-transmission, a teaching by way of participation. This is a very direct condition of exchange like in a artisan’s atelier.

The laboratory is conducted by Barbara Geiger, founder of compagnia NUT and experienced teacher, and assisted by two dancers of the company.


Project VIOLET

The laboratory at Y Generation Festival 2017 “I linguaggi della danza” is part of the company’s much vaster artistic project that embeds the production of a short film entitled VIOLET.

Compagnia NUT focuses its physical research on the body’s energy and the way it creates form, expression and empathy between the dancers.
Embracing these vital elements, the short film extends therefore the artistic dialogue towards nature and environment. VIOLET moves its imaginary between vision and concrete actuality, with a profound reflection about the deeper relationship between Earth and Human. The sensual speaking of nature gets important dramaturgical sign, overcoming an aesthetic and scenic use: Human’s and Earth’ s tale flow together in a unique frame.

The idea to introduce Laboratories to run parallel to the shootings is based on the desire to involve the public, students and interested people. A kind of WORK IN process offers a collective exploration of the usually more intimate researching process of the company.


last season we did…


progetto collaterale della compagnia


conduce Michela Lana

24, 31 Marzo, 7 Aprile | ore 10.00 – 13.30

via Roggia Scagna 5, MM1 Rovereto
per info e prenotazione: paolo.mazzanti88@gmail.com
ORGANIC progetto e programma


as this was a beautiful and deep work on ourselves we are looking forward to organize another stage with Michela, maybe for spring 


un bellissimo e profondo lavoro su noi stessi che ci suscita il desiderio di riprendere con Michela, magari in primavera

info 347 05 33 121