Independent NUT focuses on physical contact work based on weight, perception, musicality and reaches out towards a renovated yet archaic sense of dance.

Physical, energetic, theatrical.

The company shapes a partnering work between two, three or more dancers. These relations find their form following the way energy is expressed by the body.

actually NUT is composed by

Barbara Geiger

as artistic guide she creates the concepts for Compagnia NUT’s work.
 Born and brought up in Vienna, she studied classical piano and later turned to contemporary dance working on the “Freien Tanzszene Wien”. She joined Corte Sconta in 1999 and moved to Milan, Italy, where she was a dancer in the company for the next 8 years. Her drive towards choreographic composition takes concrete shape with the foundation of NUT in 2007. In Milan she trains dancers and actors in contemporary dance and body movement, but her work addresses a vast target of people well beyond the purely professional sphere.
Recently and actually she also collaborates with the director Lorenzo Loris, together searching for a complexer integration between speech and movement, “In Exitu” the most articulated.

Franco Reffo

co-founder of compagnia NUT.
 He is a performer with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of partnering work and improvisation, who was trained by exponents of Central European “Ausdruckstanz” as well as the French and North American currents.
 Whilst still very young, he took an active part in the foundation of the Association Charà in Padova, Italy, being amongst the first to promote and make the language of modern and contemporary dance more widely known. 
In 1991 he joined Corte Sconta, at that time a company in its early days. He has worked for ten international theatre productions and many award-winning short films of videodance. The group split up in 2007.
 He made the conscious choice to teach contemporary dance in the early ’80s. In his educational work, both for dancers and actors, he integrates different techniques of massage, yoga and release technique.
He is a teacher of contemporary dance at the Accademia dei Filodrammatici in Milan.

The experience of the two founders is based on the following international residences
Austria  Wien
France  C.N.D.I. Cháteauvallon Toulon, Lione, Perpignan
Germany  Künsterhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, Theater der Stadt Heilbronn,
Internazionale Tanzwochen, Dresden, Hamburg
Canada  National Art Center Ottawa, Agorà de la Dance Montréal
Sweden -Dansens Hus Stockholm
Scotland  Fringe Festival Edinborough
Mexico  Festival International Cervantino and Teatro de las Artes CNA Città del Messico, Leon, Guanajuato, Torreon
Colombia  Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotà
Marocco – Festival Internazionale di Casablanca
Serbia and Montenegro  Teatro Nazionale Montenegro Podgorica, Belgrado Dance Festival
Bosnia Herzegovina  Festival Internazionale Mess of Sarajevo
Italy  Teatro Out Off and Piccolo Teatro Milano, Adda Danza, C.R.T. Milano, Teatro dell’Elfo, La Biennale Danza and Teatro Arsenale Venezia, RomaEuropa and Teatro Vascello Roma, Teatro degli Illuminati Città di Castello, Teatro Ponchielli Cremona, Teatro Nuovo and delle Erbe Torino, FabbricaEuropa and Teatro Goldoni Firenze, Civitanova Marche, Teatro alle Saline and Toff Cagliari, Teatro Biondo Palermo, Teatro Comunale and Festival Filo di Arianna Belluno, Sassari, Napoli, Teatro Santa Chiara Trento, Caserta, Catania, Mittelfest Cividale del Friuli, Bolzano Danza

Lorenzo Piccolo

Diploma in acting at the Scuola d’ Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in 2003. He studied with, and collaborates with, Luca Ronconi, Fabrizio Arcuri of the Accademia degli Artefatti, Maria Consagra, Giorgio Rossi, Cristina Pezzoli, Gabriele Vacis.
 He has worked with the gruppo Atir, with the Dionisi Compagnia Teatrale and Patrice Chéreau. 
As a dramaturge he writes for Spazi Vuoti, a company which he formed together with the director Marta Erica Arosio and collaborates in writing the dramaturgy for Atir and Cooperativa Zero5.
 Winner of the Premio Pier Vittorio Tondelli for the best play-writer under 30 in 2011.

Paolo Mazzanti

Initially formed in a musical climate he later comes to the Accademia dei Filodrammatici for actors where he graduates in 2013. He is a fix member of compagnia NUT.

Aurora Bassi

She studied and graduated in Costume and Set Design at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2008. She attended the first classes with Compagnia Nut in September 2013. She’s studying with the Company since then.

Lucia Messina

cv in elaboration

Domenico Cicchetti

He studied with the photographers Salvo Veneziano and Emiliano Resmini. 
He now works as a freelance photographer with the photographic agency Milestone Media in Milan.
 He studied lighting design at the Accademia della Scala of Milan and his work in light takes place in the area of theatre, dance and dance theatre.

Martino Saccani

“Mind concepts and Things”. These are the two guidelines of his practice as a conceptual artist. After his set design studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Brera, from 2010 he temporarily left theater to devote himself to research in the visual and digital art field. Then he founded studio S.A.n.D.RA. 010, where he reinvents the Duchamp Ready-Made method in a new virtual version and 2.0. He begins his personal artistic research: again, Objects and Things attract his interest; he works with stencils and tracing to accentuate the source and re-present it in a contemporary and conceptual key. From 2015 he begins to work with the NUT company as a graphic. He then continues to expand the same work personally, which becomes a book cover.(Neurocapitalismo, Giorgio Griziotti) He is co-curator of Spazio GaliLeo – Cannocchiale di ricerca culturale – the new exibition space of Leoncavallo turned to a redefinition of “Political Art” and “Politics of Art”; He is one of the creators and producers of HU-Topic – A Human Place festival 2016.

Projects in course

VIOLET – DANCING WITHIN NATURE video project for 6 dancers
Format: short film
Shooting: spring / summer 2018
Concept & movement: Barbara Geiger
Video direction: Massimo Donati
Sound & composition: Franco Maurina
With; Aurora Bassi, Barbara Geiger, Paolo Mazzanti, Lucia Messina, Lorenzo Piccolo, Franco Reffo
Dressed by: Aurora Bassi
Organization: Massimo Carniti
Graphics: Martino Saccani

Format: performance live
rehearsal / research beginning summer 2018
2018 – 2019 studies and open rehearsals during the creation process
premiere about autumn 2019
cast to define



2017 BODY CONCERT performance for 9 dancers

body concert

2016 SLEEP , 20’ piéce for four dancers


2015 YES! (short version 20’).


2014 YES! piéce for five dancers.

2013 JAKOB’S REISE short film / 13’. The work approaches in first steps to environment as partner and interlocutor. Realization sostained by the Forum Austriaco di Cultura di Milano.

2012 GARDEN piéce for four dancers


2010 MI SPOSERESTI TU? short film / 12’. Ufficial selections by FrameWorks Film Dance Festival – Brooklyn/New York, Bochum Film Festival – Germany, IX Dance The Camera – Durham/South Carolina, Wallpaper Dance – Trieste, XVI Sguardi Altrove Film Festival – Milano, Il Coreografo Elettronico – Napoli, ShortFilm Festival – Bergamo.

2009 LACRIME ANTICHE – piéce for three dancers


2009 ALICE’S RAIN a co-production with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan. Performance for two dancers and two children / teenagers

2008  IL PRATO DI JOSAFAT  performance for two dancers and an actor