Moving into the Delicious
a vision being

NUT transforms
NUT lightens up
We are going through that
Our vision changes

This process takes place by observing inner and outer signs. Our inner guide is the daily work on ourselves, the outer signs come as from our closer friends and students as from a larger surrounding. Resonance between being and doing either vibrates high or simply stucks when we are not going to do the right thing. Going deeper and trying to understand what is holding us back from being fully ourselves is a wonderful yet not always delicious path. 

To anchor into our body, to be fully at home in it is a good step to start the journey of evolution. To have that precious vessel, our body, fully alive and steadily open to the healthy flow of energy brings us to live the fullness of the potential of our whole being, from the denser manifested animal part to the lighter invisible ourself, the eternal one.

That’s where we move towards and into, a “washed” body. Freeing it through movement and awareness in that art-full and creative way of a dancing our Contemporary Time which is proper of NUT and within everybody is warmly welcome.

Franco Reffo
Barbara Geiger
Aurora Bassi

CV in revision